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Who are InMoment?

InMoment are a global customer experience (CX) company that combines one of the world’s most advanced software platforms with industry-leading research services and world-class CX expertise. 

Rather than merely focus on scores and reports, InMoment work with their clients to constantly discover new insights about their customers. Their clients have instant access to the CX information and resources they need to drive organisational change and to ensure that they earn the loyalty of their customers. 

What was the brief?

InMoment were looking for a twelve month modular management training programme for a group of talented line managers based in their UK office in High Wycombe.  Some of these individuals had no management experience and some were brand new recruits to the MaritCX team but brought with them a wealth of management knowledge and experience.  

A key challenge was therefore to ensure that the learning content and style of delivery was suitably challenging and relevant to all.  It was also crucial that the learning could be imbedded in a practical way in order to ensure that it was used back in the workplace.

“The program needed to embrace our culture and values whilst ensuring that all our managers gain something for their tool-kit”

Dawn White – HR Director Europe

Our Solution:

After conducting some in depth research about InMoment, we designed a modular programme that involved a series of interactive face to face workshops along with some action learning sets that followed each module.  The programme contained a number of topics including:

Once the content had been signed off and we had liaised with the marketing team to ensure that the branding of all materials was consistent, the programme was launched at an event hosted by Dawn White and attended by all delegates who were taking part.

Prior to the first workshop, we arranged to meet with each delegate and their line manager in order to agree some key performance objectives that aligned to the learning they were due to receive.  These meetings were repeated at the completion of the programme in order to measure the impact of the learning.

One of the highlights of the programme was a two day residential team focused workshop which was delivered off site at the Fish Hotel in the Cotswolds.  Not only did this enable the delegates to get to know each other a little better, the practical activities they took part in served as great case studies for how teams develop and create success.

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The action learning sets were designed so that delegates could go back to the workplace after a workshop and practice some key skills for six weeks, before getting back together to discuss how they had got on. These group based action learning sets were hosted by members of the existing management team, who were then proactive and sharing some of the progress and key learning points with us.

As the programme progressed, the action learning sets developed into practical practice based sessions, which included conducting recruitment interviews in pairs as well as coaching and performance management conversations on an individual basis.

"The one to one action learning sets gave me the opportunity to put into action the knowledge and skills I developed during the course, in a safe environment. The time for reflection afterwards, along with the facilitator’s input helped me progress in my learning and built my confidence."

Emilie Butcher, Assistant Manager


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