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Online Management Training Courses

Online Leadership & Management Courses

Our online leadership and management courses are divided into two programmes, which can be downloaded individually or in one complete package.
The online leadership and management courses are designed to enable you to explore some key management topics at your own pace. They are not designed to replace management training courses or coaching but serve as a great additional tool that is easily accessible, whenever and however often you need them.
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How does the online management training work?

The programmes are divided into sharp and focused engaging topics. Each topic comes with a video which you can stop and start whenever you like, as well as an interactive PDF workbook.

There are lots of activities for you to complete to test your understanding and lots of practical tips and ideas that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

If you are about to move from a single contributor role to a people manager role and are looking for some frameworks and structures to get you started, or you are currently a people manager and are looking for some practical tips to help you become even better, our online management courses are ideal.

The Essentials of People Management

Programme One cover

Programme One:

  • Measuring the success of a people manager
  • Tips for managing teams remotely
  • Preparing ourselves to be able to lead others
  • Choosing the most appropriate people management style
  • Should I be coaching or mentoring?
  • Tips for outcome focused objective setting
  • Navigating the change process
Programme two cover

Programme Two:

  • Tips for delegating successfully
  • Delivering feedback authentically
  • The three criteria for motivating ourselves and others
  • Recruiting ethically and successfully
  • Onboarding to set new starters up to succeed
  • Getting the most out of performance reviews
  • How to lead challenging conversations

Programme One & Two

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