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Objective Setting Training and Goal Setting Skills Development

We firmly believe that the clarity of objective setting plays a significant role in how successful somebody is in the workplace. Time and again we hear stories of people who have ‘failed’, not due to lack of effort but because they have simply not delivered what was required. The assumption, nearly always, is that they knew what they should have been delivering.

Simplify the Process

Our objective setting training is all about enabling managers and their reports to break down the many myths of setting objectives and to simplify the process. We work with line managers, either as part of a wider management development programme or in bespoke bite size sessions, to not only write objectives, but also to equip them with the tools and confidence to communicate these effectively. It’s amazing how challenging it can be to sit down and write an objective for somebody whose performance you would like to further improve – just try it.

Performance or Behaviour?

We don’t just focus on performance objective setting however. Often some of the most challenging objectives revolve around behaviour as opposed to performance. If you have somebody in your team for example who needs to improve their attitude and motivation, how do you write that as an objective, leave alone measure it? Our objective setting training will help you work through these challenges.
It is refreshing that several of our clients recognise the importance of everybody buying into objective setting and have therefore asked us to run sessions for direct reports, aimed at helping them write their own objectives in preparation for an appraisal or meeting with their line manager. Similarly, we work with managers who need to extract the bigger picture from the senior management team, so that they can communicate ‘the plan’ to their team and work out how to deliver it.
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