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Performance Management Training

The phrase ‘performance management’ often conjures up feelings of dread, the connotation being that this actually means managing somebody out of the business. Whilst sadly in some cultures this often proves to be the case, our approach to performance management training is far more positive, working on the premise that we all need our performance to be managed, regardless of our experience and ability.

Our Performance Management Training

Our bespoke performance management training can be designed and delivered as part of a wider management development programme or in bespoke bite size sessions. As you would expect, we are able to design workshops or interventions that cover managing underperformance, equipping line managers with the tools and confidence to structure potentially challenging conversations and to work proactively with their colleagues in HR in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Managing "Performance" not "Underperformance"

We also firmly believe that performance management is about so much more than managing underperformance. We work with a lot of clients to help them to identify who their top performers are and crucially, how they became so good. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in the vast majority of cases these superstars have been well managed by having stretching objectives agreed with them, they have received regular meaningful feedback and they have been managed in an appropriate style.
One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is when we work with newly, or soon to be appointed line managers and help them develop a process of how they are going to get the best performance out of their team from day one.
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