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Business Coaching

A business coach gives you the tools and perspective you need to transform your business from where it is now to where you want it to be

Do you need a business coach?

Investing in a business coach is not a luxury but a necessity. Donovan Training Associates works along side you to develop short-term and long-term goals that are realistic and achievable, ensuring your business functions more eÔ¨Éciently and reaches it’s full potential. Whether you are looking to improve productivity, increase your sales, retain your top performers, continue your professional development or progress further along your career path, we can help.

100% dedication to you and your business

We will ask the right questions, listen to your response and with a fresh pair of eyes enable you to see the wood for the trees.


Objectives are created and deadlines set, tailored specifically to you and your business. We will help you establish the direction in which you would like to take your business and then develop strategies that will enable you to achieve these goals.


Coaching can help you keep focused on your business goals and the steps required to get there. Having a business coach creates commitment and accountability.

How does the coaching work in practice?

We work on the basis that you should be looking for a minimum of four times a return on your investment. Otherwise, coaching becomes an intangible luxury or simply ‘a nice chat’.

Our first session will focus on establishing what your goals are and putting some monetary value to these. This can be trickier than it sounds but it is both necessary and motivational if you are to see a tangible return on your investment.

A 90 day business plan will be generated, focusing on value-based goals to be achieved within that time period. Once your targets have been met, another plan will be drawn up and so on…

Together we will agree a regular time slot to either speak via phone or Skype, whichever is your preference. Speaking remotely ensures flexibility for you and committing to regular time slots enables you to schedule your coaching sessions ahead of time.

How long does each coaching session last?

Each session typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. It is important to remember, however, that you are investing in the outputs of the session, not the amount of time somebody is speaking with you.

How much does it cost?

We have a couple of affordable pricing options, based on whether you opt for fortnightly or monthly sessions. If you decide after your first session that you won’t benefit from the coaching, that session will be on us, no hard feelings.

We are so confident in the service we offer, if you have not seen a return on your investment after six months then the coaching will be FREE until this is realised.*

Am I tied in for a period of time?

Absolutely not! All we ask is one months’ notice in writing if you decide you no longer wish to continue.

What part do I need to play in order for the coaching to be successful?

Like most things in life, you only ever get out what you put in and unsurprisingly, the same applies here. We ask you to commit to your agreed coaching schedule and to dial in on time.

How can I make this happen?

To find out more or to arrange an informal chat, simply click here or give us a call on 01295 675506.

*subject to you delivering on your action points.

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