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N-Fuze Ltd - Coaching Testimonial

We are proud to have been working closely with n-fuze, a creative agency based in the heart of Kent, for a number of years.   We asked them about their own personal experience with our Business Coaching and why they would recommend us to other businesses.

Firstly, let’s introduce you to n-fuze…

The story begins in 2006.  Sat in his parents’ house, Matt Brown was trying to formulate a strategy to create a dedicated, energetic, honest and reliable design agency. 

After hours of tirelessly flicking through the dictionary trying to find an inspirational word that cleverly infused his passion for design, the ambition to succeed and desire to create something original, he realised the word he was seeking was never going to be found in the dictionary.  So he decided the inaccurate spelling of all he was trying to combine was the way forward and n-fuze was born.

The journey quickly escalates from here on in and before he knew it, one lonely designer was soon in a new studio with two, then three, then four designers for company, and steadily growing.

After four and a half years they moved into their third studio with an eight strong team.  Jump forward another 6 years to 2018 and they have doubled in size and planning a fourth move into twin oast houses, a fitting scene for their local heritage.

Matt highlights his team and how hard they worked, as being the back bone to the agency and the key to continued success, which is why it’s important clients get to work directly with them.  They cut out middle management so they get to work as closely to each project as possible without a complicated account structure.

Their success and growth has exceeded all of Matt’s initial expectations and therefore puts them in a unique position of being thankful for everything they have worked for, appreciating each project briefed into the studio and never becoming complacent with their work or clients.

As a reminder of their humble beginnings the very first Mac purchased has pride of place in a display cabinet, now too weak and out of date to even power up!

n-fuze chose Donovan Training as their learning partner and for a number of years we worked with them solely in the capacity of designing and facilitating bespoke workshops.

When Donovan Training launched their business coaching offering in January 2017, the timing was perfect as Matt was looking to work with someone who could help him take n-fuze to the next level.

Matt was kind enough to take some time out and reflect on his experiences to date of working with a business coach

Which specific challenges and opportunities prompted you to consider working with a business coach?

In truth there were several, many of which I didn’t realise at the time until I started the process, but initially I would say the following were all key:

  • Employee Management – getting the best out of my team and stretching them further
  • Business Structure – building a business that could grow in line with my ambitions
  • Self-Development – making sure I keep questioning myself and continue to learn
  • Prioritisation – ensuring I am spending the correct amount of time on the areas that matter most

What were you looking for in a business coach?

A source of guidance.  Someone to help take an objective view on the business, its challenges and where to direct my attention and efforts.

What have you enjoyed about working with Donovan Training? (This is not a loaded question... honest!)

The most enjoyable part of working with Anthony is the consistent motivation and energy burst I get from our sessions.  I always come away with a clearer and more positive view on my objectives and excited for the next steps.  

The most rewarding part of our relationship is seeing the impact it has had on my employees.  They are happier and more advanced in their careers than they would have been before.

What have been the tangible outcomes so far?

The business re-structure.  This has had such a tremendous impact within the company from both an internal and external point of view.  I feel we have grown more in the last year than the previous five!

Employee development.  By using our new CPD (continued professional development) process, all employees have benefitted from both personal and professional growth and brought new and refreshing ideas and services to the business.

Quality of life.  I personally feel better in myself and enjoy more guilt free time away from the business as a result of the mentoring sessions.

If anybody was considering working with a Donovan Training business coach, what would you say to them?

Firstly, I would highly recommend it, providing you start the process with the right mentality and an open mind.  

A business coach is not going to do the work for you.  Be clear on what you want to get from the mentoring and embrace the advice.  Running a business goes further than selling a product and managing people. Coaching will help you to manage and understand yourself.

Is there anything else that you feel is relevant or potentially of interest to somebody considering hiring a business coach?

If you’re lacking confidence, direction, motivation or even knowledge on how to manage people or a business I couldn’t recommend the coaching enough.  

The coaching extends through you and to your whole team so everyone will be rewarded with the results.  It has dawned on me that working isn’t everything and coaching can help you to maintain a healthy, well-proportioned life as well as a successfully operating business. 

If you want to find out more about our Business Coaching and how we can help you, just give us a call on 01295 675506.

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