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Henley Bridge

"Henley Bridge started trading in 1998 and has gradually grown both in sales volume and number of staff over the ensuing years, particularly over the last seven years. With sales now being around £12m per annum and staff levels exceeding 40, we realised that more focus needed to be given to staff training, since the continued success of the Company was becoming largely dependent on having a more professional and efficient team of staff members, who would be able to take the management and success of the company to new levels. There are many providers of Staff Training Services to industry, but we wanted to ensure that we used a provider who could deliver bespoke training sessions specifically designed and delivered to the requirements of the Company and staff, and not simply generic sessions. Donovan Training Associates was recommended to us and following an introductory meeting in early 2013, we had no hesitation in asking Anthony to provide Training sessions for our staff.

Prior to holding the Training sessions, the facilitator took the time to review all aspects of our business in order to understand our company profile, as well as gaining an insight into the individual strengths and requirements of the key personnel who we believed would benefit from these sessions.

The facilitator has now conducted six full day training sessions focusing on Management Skills, Up Selling Consultatively, Persuading and Influencing, and Professional Presentation Skills, with a further two days scheduled for individual coaching. Anthony’s personal delivery style has ensured that the participants have not only enjoyed the sessions, but have either learned new management or selling skills, or enhanced existing skills.

This has resulted in very positive feedback from the participants and the Company is already seeing the benefits through better internal management processes and relationships, together with increased professionalism and confidence in meetings with external customers and suppliers.

Additionally, this has not only increased the potential of new client business, but has also ensured that existing relationships are built upon and maintained.

We look forward to continuing to work with Donovan Training Associates in the future and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to any business that is looking for bespoke training sessions that will be of undoubted benefit to their company."