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Negotiation Skills Training

There are so many situations in our personal lives, leave alone the workplace, where we find ourselves needing to negotiate. Be it something as simple as deciding which film you should go and see through to negotiating a significant business transaction, there are many skills required to negotiate effectively.

Suit your needs

Our negotiation skills training comes in many forms to suit the needs of our clients and each individual.

Whether it be a group based workshop for individuals who are either new to negotiation or are looking to brush up on their negotiation skills, or a one to one practice session with somebody who is preparing for a specific negotiation, we can tailor our approach to deliver exactly what you need.

Challenge to improve

For those more experienced at negotiating, we can design a more challenging solution that puts learners to the test, in order to enhance their negotiation skills and further improve their confidence. In some instances for example, we have used senior managers or actors during practice sessions.

Regardless of the solution, we will work closely with you to ensure that the case studies and exercises we design and use are entirely relevant to your business and industry.

It is essential that learners are able to think about and use realistic scenarios in order for the learning to be immediately transferred back to the workplace.

This will typically involve learners thinking about their needs and those of the other parties involved, the currencies they have to trade with, the types of questions they should be asking and how to structure a negotiation professionally whilst considering different communication styles. In other words, all of the practical negotiation skills required to be successful.

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