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AES Sustainability Consultants

Who are AES Sustainability Consultants?

AES Sustainability Consultants are based in Tiverton and were established in response to demand from developers for independent, practical advice that they could rely on, which remains the core foundation of their business today.

They work closely with their clients to provide high quality advice and technical support throughout the lifecycle of a building development, from assistance at land buying and planning stages right through to post-construction testing and certification.

What was the brief?

AES were looking for a learning provider that would enable their employees to further develop and increase their skill set, without reverting to ‘death by PowerPoint’.  When we sat down with the senior leadership team to learn more about the business and identify their requirements, it became clear that the needs of each individual were quite different and therefore traditional group based workshops would not add the value that they were looking for in this instance

For some individuals for example, it was about improving their selling techniques and for others, it was more about management training.  

"As a business we’ve always focused on providing technical training.  As we’ve grown and developed our team structure, we’ve promoted staff to management and business development positions that they’ve never had any training for.  We recognised the need  for one-to-one training tailored to the needs of the individual to help them succeed in their new roles.  Donovan Training have been excellent in gaining the trust and engagement from individuals, getting them to open up about where they feel they need support and training, and then working with them to address specific areas and build their confidence in their new roles."

Anna Farmer, Operations Director

Our solution:

Having established that one to one coaching sessions were the best solution, before planning any coaching sessions we contacted everybody who had asked to be included to ask them for some background information about themselves, their preferred method of learning and what they wanted to achieve from the coaching.  This then enabled us to tailor each coaching session accordingly.

We deliver the coaching sessions on site in Tiverton so as to avoid unnecessary time being wasted travelling.  Some sessions are designed to last no more than an hour whereas others last half a day, according to what is required.  Actions are always agreed after each session and we provide ongoing telephone support and any resources that are relevant to a particular conversation.

In one instance, we took the support a stage further.  Following some coaching sessions around selling techniques, we attended a client visit with one of the team members.  This enabled us to deliver some real time feedback based on a live environment as opposed to a manufactured role play.  We were delighted but not surprised, to see so much of the learning being put into place in what turned out to be a very successful meeting.

We continue to enjoy a great working relationship with AES and look forward to supporting them whenever we are called upon.

"We have gained significant advantages by engaging with Donovan Training Associates. The most significant element is the flexibility of targeted one to one training on an ad hoc basis without being tied to a pre-determined training program and lengthy contract. 

This allows us to adjust the training according to the specific needs of the individual employee at any given time.  Their professional and insightful approach is invaluable and we are already seeing the benefits."

Jon Boddington, Managing Director

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