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Sales Training Courses

For many people, sales is perceived as a dark art and there is a common misconception that sales people are born and not made. We also hear all too often about individuals within Organisations who are reluctant to having anything to do with sales because it requires them to be pushy.

Simplify the Process

Our sales training courses are designed to break down these myths, simplifying the whole process and equipping learners with the skills and confidence to sell themselves and their business. We work with individuals at all ends of the spectrum, whether that be your first role in a sales capacity or experienced sales professionals seeking some advanced techniques to help them stand out from the competition.

Bespoke Solutions

Our sales training courses are individually designed to meet your needs so we will sit down with you in the first instance to learn about what you wish to achieve and how this will be measured. The content is down to you, whether that be focusing on structuring a sales call, questioning techniques, features and benefits, objection handling, closing a sale or pricing. We can cover all of these aspects or if you prefer, focus in more detail on one particular aspect.
We work with people who sell over the phone and also with those who work remotely. For the latter, we are able to focus on journey planning and effective account management. We can also include live calls as part of the learning so that you can begin to see a return on your investment straight away. For those not yet ready for a live environment, we can enable practice in a safe environment that still stretches learners and builds their confidence.
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