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Assertiveness Training and Confidence Building Courses

Anybody who is prone to flying off the handle in order to get their own way, or always putting the needs of others before their own, will know that assertive behaviour is about more than taking a deep breath and simply using a few buzz words you picked up on an assertiveness training course.

We all have our bad days

We all have our bad days of course and times when we struggle to pluck up the courage to say what we really feel. From our experience of working with many individuals and organisations on this subject, the tipping point is when you are lying in bed wide awake in the early hours, role playing in your head what you would like to say to that certain somebody, knowing full well that the conversation will never happen.

Identifying the problem

Our bespoke assertiveness training begins with understanding the individual and the circumstances in which they may struggle to get their message across. This is as much about understanding the culture and external environment as it is about identifying the trigger points for either aggressive or passive behaviour.

Then we can begin to work on strategies for some specific types of assertive behaviour that will be applicable to your particular circumstances. For example, you may wish to learn about:

  • Pushing back so that you are able to say no politely but firmly
  • Delivering necessary messages that are not likely to be well received
  • Telling somebody that they are doing something, or in some cases not doing something, which is proving to be far from helpful

Assertiveness is not always easy but we firmly believe that it is a skill that can be learned and honed in order to make a big difference.

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