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12 January 2017
International Space Station after undocking

The ability to set and deliver objectives is an integral part of the role of a manager, be that interpreting the strategy of the business and turning it into something tangible that the team can deliver on, motivating your team to set their own objectives and to be accountable for them, or of course, setting your own personal objectives.

07 December 2016

For all businesses, small and large alike, the challenge of managing employee absence can be a tricky one.

The CIPD’s 2016 annual Absence Management report has highlighted that more employers are recognising the vital role that line managers play in supporting employees, but most aren't giving them the tools they need to manage absence effectively.

So, as employers what can we do to help our managers and employees alike, and reduce absenteeism?

26 September 2016

The need to effectively manage change, especially in business, is sometimes difficult to understand. Change is good, or so we are told. But employees, managers and business owners all resist change, even if it is for the betterment of the company. 

We look at why change is necessary, how it interacts with the five stages of grief and then some tips on dealing with change in the workplace. 

26 August 2016
Board Room

I’m sure that most of us will have attended at least one workshop where we have quickly realised that we are about to lose hours of our life that we will never see again. There will be some of you reading this article who deliver workshops on a regular basis, who will no doubt be astute at identifying those in the room who either don’t want to be there, or genuinely don’t know why they were asked to attend. 

With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to look at some tips that will help you to deliver some memorable workshops for the right reasons!

15 July 2016
take a break

Sleep is something that we all need and that many of us feel we don’t get enough of. But how much are we really affected by the amount of sleep we get each night, and can it really have such a big impact on our effectiveness in work situations? 

Well, the simple answer is yes, it really can!

And not all bosses are as understanding as Richard Branson was recently, when he was pictured posing with a tired Virgin Australia employee as he caught 40 winks at work!


16 June 2016

One of our Learning Consultants was recently asked the question, “What should I be looking for when choosing a Mentor?” The context to this question was that during an informal career conversation with a member of their HR team, it was suggested that this individual may benefit from a mentoring relationship. Intrigued by the idea, they soon realised that they had almost as many questions as answers, the first of which being…

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