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How Can Managers Get the Best out of Their Employees?

29 October 2013

A question I am often asked when working with team leaders and managers is how do I get the best out of my team? Before delving into a whole heap of management theory, a useful starting point is to consider the following questions:

What is your understanding of the purpose of management?

Communication Skills: Tips To Improve Your Presentation Skills

17 October 2013

Delivering a presentation can be enough to drive fear into even the most rational and positive thinking people, yet it need not be the terrifying ordeal we often make it out to be.  Here are some tips that will improve your presentation skills, enabling you to prepare and deliver your presentation with confidence:

5 Steps to Developing Lasting Client Relationships

11 October 2013

Whatever stage you are at with a valuable business relationship, there is one constant. Your competitors are all vying for that same relationship. One survey by found that over half of clients are open to switching from their current providers. A key component of consultative selling therefore is not to take these relationships for granted.

Are Your Line Managers the Best Thing About Your Business?

04 October 2013

It was interesting to read in this month’s edition of People Management magazine that according to research over the past decade by Jon van Reenan at London’s Business School and Stanford’s Nick Bloom, the reason that certain companies have outperformed apparently similar rivals is down to management practices. Put simply, effective managers have had a significant impact on the discretionary effort put in by employees, which in turn has increased productivity, performance and loyalty.

How To Make an Appraisal Work

23 September 2013

Like many, I hear so many horror stories when discussing appraisals with my clients. For some, the fear is that the process is a glorified tick box exercise with little or no meaning back in the real world. Others dread the process as it will take a lot of time and for those being appraised, many have no idea if they are going to receive positive or negative feedback.

Management Training: Tips for Getting Better Results From a Recruitment Agency

12 September 2013

It was interesting to read in the news this week that unemployment figures continue to reduce, albeit the number of part time workers has surged to a record high. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people out of work reduced by 24,000 in the past month and the national unemployment rate is down to 7.7%.

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