• Distance Learning

    Distance Learning

    We are able to deliver our training courses as remote sessions, accommodating groups of individuals, all dialling in from different locations.

Remote business training – distance learning

Distance Learning

In this day and age, there are often occasions when it is simply not cost-effective or practical to bring everyone together in the same room for a workshop.

The great news is that we are able to deliver our training courses as remote sessions, accommodating groups of individuals, all dialling in from different locations.

The distance learning that we offer includes our popular Management Training, Sales Training and Business Coaching sessions, and are carried out via Zoom, so it is accessible for everyone. With this technology, we are still able to provide the energetic and participative learning that we are so well known for; just in a slightly different kind of way!

Most of our clients request sessions lasting between 90 minutes and three hours, but due to the flexibility of remote learning, we can tailor a solution that is absolutely right for you and your audience.

Online business coaching

The benefits of distance learning

  • There are no travel costs and no time wasted travelling to and from a workshop venue
  • It reduces carbon footprint and is therefore as environmentally friendly as it gets
  • Remote learning is inclusive – home workers and office workers alike can participate
  • We use breakout rooms and whiteboards to ensure the learning is interactive and stimulating
  • Interactive media, such as TED talks and images are used to bring the content to life
  • Workshops can be recorded to allow for further reflection and review, post learning


If you would like to learn more about how our remote workshops are facilitated, please fill in the form below to arrange a complimentary demo. Alternatively give us a call on 01295 675506.

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Here is what just a few of our delegates told us after their remote learning sessions:

  • "Had the workshop been delivered face to face as originally intended, I would not have been able to attend. Thank you for allowing us both to join in. It was great to interact with everybody."
    Jen – on maternity leave and mother to the best behaved 6 month old baby we have ever met!
  • "Thanks for the really useful and engaging session. I really enjoyed it."
  • "Thanks for the session, I really enjoyed it. You did a great job of running the session so seamlessly and I was surprised at how quickly the time seemed to go."
  • "This has inspired me to run some of our internal team meetings in the same way. Thanks for the introduction to the technology."
remote coaching delegates
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