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Coaching Training and Development

Coaching is one of those skills that most managers are expected to be able to do, yet in our experience, we meet so many managers who have never received so called ‘formal’ coaching training.

Real Life Scenarios

Our coaching training comes in many forms to suit the needs of our clients and each individual.  We deliver group based workshops that enable learners to hone and practice the skills required to be an effective coach. As always, our coaching training is extremely interactive with plenty of opportunity for practice. We encourage learners to bring live challenges with them (often the challenge is which problems to leave out) so that they can use the skills to help them work through a real life situation.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing learners walk away, not only with new found confidence to apply a skill, but also with a workable plan to resolve a problem that has been troubling them.
Our coaching training is also very effective for those who manage remotely. In some of our sessions, time is set aside for learners to phone their direct reports just as they normally would if they weren’t attending a workshop, enabling them to apply the coaching in a live environment. This provides an ideal opportunity for immediate feedback from the facilitator and fellow learners.

We also offer one to one coaching training, be that guiding a learner through the coaching process or in some cases, coaching them directly on or off site, to suit individual needs.

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