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Management Training: Tips for Delegating

03 July 2013

Working on the basis that managers are only as effective as the people that work for them (a sobering thought for many but definitely true!), the art of delegation is an essential tool for managers to perfect. But what is delegation exactly and how should you delegate?

To Adjust or Not To Adjust…?

07 June 2011

During a recent Recruitment and Retention course that I was delivering, a senior delegate brought up the topic of how to respond when a candidate has Dyslexia or Asperger’s syndrome. In this particular instance, the candidate requested more time to complete a test, which was duly granted but the question raised was where does the employer stand on this and is it fair?

A Quick SNIP at the Importance of Delivering Feedback

23 November 2010

Consider the last time you visited the hairdresser to get your hair cut. The chances are that you weren’t sat facing a blank wall, but instead, in front of a mirror enabling you to analyse every stage of the process. And once the masterpiece is complete, rather than the hairdresser simply describing what they have done to the back of your head, you are presented with another mirror so that you can see for yourself exactly what has happened to the back of your head. Doubtless, we then proclaim how delighted we are with our new look, even if secretly we may not be too sure and vow never to return again.

Tackling the Management Battlefield

25 October 2010

Hi and thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. This is the first of what will be a monthly communication, where I will be sharing some of my views, ideas and articles on topical issues. I hope you find them helpful and thought provoking. I’ll be focusing on topics around Management, Sales, Personal Development and HR, but do please get in touch if you have any requests or suggestions for topics that would interest you.

Learning the Lingo

27 September 2010

Learning and Development professionals are typically hard-working and passionate about what they do, full of inspirational ideas… and often ignored. The reason why so many L&D professionals fail to get their colleagues engaged is because they are often speaking in a different language from their key stakeholders.

Consider the last time you had a really good conversation with your Operations Director, Head of Sales, the CFO or anyone else deemed to be at the ‘core’ of your organisation!

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