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How to make an appraisal process work – part two

Appraisals-Part-2In our last blog, we discussed the importance of the pre-appraisal process and how to ensure that both the manager and the appraisee are geared up to get the best out of the interview.

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How to make an appraisal work – part one

Appraisals-Part-1Like many, I hear so many horror stories when discussing appraisals with my clients. For some, the fear is that the process is a glorified tick box exercise with little or no meaning back in the real world. Others dread the process as it will take a lot of time and for those being appraised, many have no idea if they are going to receive positive or negative feedback.

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Management Training: Tips for getting better results from a recruitment agency

Recruitment-Agency-TipsIt was interesting to read in the news this week that unemployment figures continue to reduce, albeit the number of part time workers has surged to a record high. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people out of work reduced by 24,000 in the past month and the national unemployment rate is down to 7.7%.

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Management Training: Tips for coaching

coaching"Coaching employees" will feature prominently in the job description of most managers but what exactly is coaching and how am I supposed to do it alongside everything else on my ‘to do list’?

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