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Tips for encouraging learning within your Organisation

encouraging learning

During a recent conversation with one of my clients, I was asked what changes I had noticed with regards to how learning is delivered within Organisations.  In other words, how valid is the traditional ‘classroom based learning’ approach?

This thought provoking question led me to the following conclusions:

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Y work with the new generation?

Y-work-with-New-GenerationWhen it came to designing the introductory video for the home page on my website, I will be the first to admit that the last thing that crossed my mind was to hand the project over to a group of first year students at college.

The notion only came up thanks to a chance meeting with a friend in a business park, who was visiting to check in with a group of students he was sponsoring.  It turns out the students were successfully running the café we were sat in, as part of an enterprise to give them exposure to ‘the real world’ whilst continuing with their studies.

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Tips for maximising return on investment when a member of your team attends a workshop

return-on-investmentAny experienced facilitators reading this article will be more than familiar with the story of delegates attending workshops without really understanding what it is about, why they have been asked to attend or how they will be expected to apply the learning back in the workplace.  

“I’m here with an open mind” or “I have been told that this will be good for my development… apparently” are all too familiar reasons for attending when asked.  Be honest, we’ve all said it.

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How can managers get the best out of their employees?

Managers-getting-the-best-out-of-employeesA question I am often asked when working with team leaders and managers is how do I get the best out of my team? Before delving into a whole heap of management theory, a useful starting point is to consider the following questions:

What is your understanding of the purpose of management?

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