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Successfully Facilitating a Meeting

team meeting 1458975 640x480So, you’ve been tasked with facilitating a meeting. Everyone knows that time is precious so it's important that the meeting runs smoothly, relevant messages are delivered successfully and the goals of the meeting are achieved. Good facilitation can make a meeting more useful, enjoyable and successful in the long-run. No-one wants to walk away from a meeting thinking “What a waste of time that was!” so with this in mind, here are some simple but effective points to help in achieving a successful meeting.

Where to start? 

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Successful On Boarding

Successful on boardingFor any “newbie”, no matter how experienced, starting a new role should be an exciting experience, but it can also be a daunting one.  I never cease to be amazed by the ‘first day’ stories I hear from people I meet, ranging from the old classic of being asked to read the health and safety manual, through to being told we forgot you were coming today and were expecting you next week.  The list is endless and I am sure you could add your own tales … please feel free to do so by the way!

I have also heard some amazing stories where people have felt included and part of the team right from the get go.  But this blog isn’t just about making sure new starters have a memorable first day (for the right reasons!).  It is about ensuring there is an impressive on boarding process in place that reaches far beyond the first few days of employment.

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Management Training: Tips for adapting your leadership style

managementstylesAfter the initial euphoria of that well deserved promotion, one of the few first questions team leaders or managers can be forgiven for asking themselves is how am I going to manage my team and what approach to management should I take?  

There are of course so many different ways of managing people; different leadership styles will vary in terms of decision making, empowerment and the level of responsibility given to employees, before even taking into account the culture of the Organisation. Certain leadership styles work better than others and are more successful when attention is given to individuals, some of whom may benefit more from one style of management than another.

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Tips for encouraging learning within your Organisation

encouraging learning

During a recent conversation with one of my clients, I was asked what changes I had noticed with regards to how learning is delivered within Organisations.  In other words, how valid is the traditional ‘classroom based learning’ approach?

This thought provoking question led me to the following conclusions:

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