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Management Training - Maximising Productivity through a Healthy Sleep Pattern

take a breakSleep is something that we all need and that many of us feel we don’t get enough of. But how much are we really affected by the amount of sleep we get each night, and can it really have such a big impact on our effectiveness in work situations? 

Well, the simple answer is yes, it really can!

And not all bosses are as understanding as Richard Branson was recently, when he was pictured posing with a tired Virgin Australia employee as he caught 40 winks at work!


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Management Training-Tips for getting the best out of a Mentoring Relationship


One of our Learning Consultants was recently asked the question, “What should I be looking for when choosing a Mentor?” The context to this question was that during an informal career conversation with a member of their HR team, it was suggested that this individual may benefit from a mentoring relationship. Intrigued by the idea, they soon realised that they had almost as many questions as answers, the first of which being…

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Tips for Navigating Performance Management Training

Performance Management Blog PhotoPerformance management in essence “does what it says on the tin”, allowing managers to ensure that employees are performing in a way that contributes effectively to their business objectives; where goals are established and performance is measured against these goals. Performance management, however is often misunderstood, with negative connotations associated with it, a common assumption being that the process is intended to enable employers to “manage” people out of the business. 

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Management Training: Tips for conflict resolution

conflict resolution

We all know that conflict occurs in all areas of life, when people spend a lot of time with each other, including business environments. Each individual has their own tasks, roles, objectives and priorities, not to mention different personality traits which can often clash or not work as well together as we would like, causing conflict.

This can be one of the most challenging aspects to the role of a manager, but it is important to ensure that conflict resolution is delivered professionally, swiftly and effectively, minimising any negative impact on the relationships involved. 

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