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Tips for structuring meaningful one to one Conversations

BLOG one to oneWe’ve had several requests for coaching conversations recently which have focused on how to approach and structure one to one reviews or catch ups. How do we ensure they are useful, timely and not just a tick box exercise?

So, we’ve come up with a few pointers that we find useful to consider when preparing for a one to one.

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Objective Setting - Is DUMB the new SMART?

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The ability to set and deliver objectives is an integral part of the role of a manager, be that interpreting the strategy of the business and turning it into something tangible that the team can deliver on, motivating your team to set their own objectives and to be accountable for them, or of course, setting your own personal objectives.

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Managing Absence Effectively

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For all businesses, small and large alike, the challenge of managing employee absence can be a tricky one.

The CIPD’s 2016 annual Absence Management report has highlighted that more employers are recognising the vital role that line managers play in supporting employees, but most aren't giving them the tools they need to manage absence effectively.

So, as employers what can we do to help our managers and employees alike, and reduce absenteeism?

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Management Training - Effectively Managing Change


Why is Change Necessary?

This is one of the many questions that people ask, particularly if they are on the receiving end of a change initiative that they neither requested nor saw the need for in the first place.

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