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Tips for choosing a reputable Business Coach

There are a number of myths associated with working with a Business Coach

The first is that a coach is only used by ‘underperformers’ who are struggling!  The reality is that many successful people from all walks of life use coaches.  With the exception of Bubba Watson (apologies non-golf fans) you would be hard pressed to find an elite sportsperson who doesn’t use at least two performance coaches.

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Tips on writing a job description

How do you go about creating an effective job description to attract the right kind of talent? 

Many of us start with getting into the detail very early on in a job description, as opposed to focusing on the outcomes required once the job holder is in post. 

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How does Cognitive Neuroscience impact on Coaching?

BLOG Cog N ScienceOk so it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but ‘Cognitive Neuroscience’ is one of the buzz phrases more frequently linked with coaching, because of the important role it is argued it can play.

What is it?

Cognitive neuroscience is the scientific study of neural mechanisms with a specific focus on the human brain.  It looks at how cognition, (how we acquire and understand knowledge), is affected and controlled by neural circuits in the brain.   

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Tips for structuring meaningful one to one Conversations

BLOG one to oneWe’ve had several requests for coaching conversations recently which have focused on how to approach and structure one to one reviews or catch ups. How do we ensure they are useful, timely and not just a tick box exercise?

So, we’ve come up with a few pointers that we find useful to consider when preparing for a one to one.

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