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5 Steps to developing lasting client relationships

Developing-Lasting-Client-RelationshipsWhatever stage you are at with a valuable business relationship, there is one constant. Your competitors are all vying for that same relationship. One survey by RainToday.com found that over half of clients are open to switching from their current providers. A key component of consultative selling therefore is not to take these relationships for granted.

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Communication Skills: Tips to improve your assertiveness

asserted-behaviourIn the previous blog we looked at some of the reasons that can influence our assertiveness and dictate whether or not we are assertive, aggressive or submissive in our approach to others. So how exactly can I be assertive without alienating others or putting the values of others ahead of my own?

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Communication Skills: why can assertiveness be difficult to master?

Difficul--to-be-AssertiveOn the face of it, assertiveness is very straight forward but the reality is that many people often struggle to stand up for themselves, especially in the workplace.

There are many factors that can influence this, often depending on the time of day, who we are with, how important the situation is to us personally and so on.

Consider a scenario in which you wish you had been or could be more assertive and ask yourself which of the following factors apply to you?

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A quick SNIP at the importance of delivering feedback

snipConsider the last time you visited the hairdresser to get your hair cut. The chances are that you weren’t sat facing a blank wall, but instead, in front of a mirror enabling you to analyse every stage of the process. And once the masterpiece is complete, rather than the hairdresser simply describing what they have done to the back of your head, you are presented with another mirror so that you can see for yourself exactly what has happened to the back of your head. Doubtless, we then proclaim how delighted we are with our new look, even if secretly we may not be too sure and vow never to return again.

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