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Customer Relationship Management – From Courting to Convergence

Love Marriage Ring

As we all know, successful businesses are built around solid relationships and therefore your approach to good customer relationships is key in having an edge over your competitors. When was the last time you received service that was so mind blowing that you felt compelled to put pen to paper and write a letter of thanks?  

Sadly this is all too rare these days and expectations of what good service looks like have certainly increased over the years- and rightly so.  But what of the customer relationship beyond the initial transaction and how it develops from there?

Marketing analysts Jim Sterne and Matt Cutler looked at this relationship and broke the customer life cycle into five steps: 

1. Reach     2. Acquisition     3. Conversion     4. Retention     5. Loyalty

Basically, if you can gain a potential customer’s attention, display your offering, secure the deal and keep them as a customer, this will then help to encourage future potential and happy customers.

Let’s consider the customer relationship from the context of a romantic relationship.  Nothing too mushy, honest, so go with us on this one…

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Presentation Skills: Tips for overcoming nerves when delivering a presentation

Overcoming Barriers through Business Communication TrainingFor many people, visiting the dentist is a preferable option to delivering a presentation, especially in front of people who already know us. Even the most confident person can suddenly break out in a cold sweat, become nervous and stumble on their words. 

So whether you are delivering a sales pitch, briefing your team or delivering that all important wedding speech, here are some top tips to improve your presentation skills, help you overcome those nerves and deliver a great presentation.

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Communication Skills: Tips to help you improve your time management

TimeWhy is it that when we are having fun, time flies, yet when we are stuck in traffic or doing something that isn’t quite so enjoyable, time literally crawls by. Which begs the question, is time management possible?

Well the bad news is no, it is isn’t possible to manage time. Time is a constant and however much we may wish for our alarm clock to be one hour out, the reality is that we cannot change time.

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Communication Skills: Tips to improve your presentation skills

Effective-PresentationsDelivering a presentation can be enough to drive fear into even the most rational and positive thinking people, yet it need not be the terrifying ordeal we often make it out to be.  Here are some tips that will improve your presentation skills, enabling you to prepare and deliver your presentation with confidence:

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