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A business coach gives you the tools and perspective you need to transform your business from where it is now to where you want it to be
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Management Training


We believe that effective managers are the ones who get problems solved, as opposed to solving problems...

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Selling Techniques


Effective selling is all about talking to the right people, asking the right questions, identifying a genuine need and then delivering a solution that works...

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Communication Skills


Effective communication skills are a must for anybody who wishes to maximise their productivity and maintain strong working relationships, based on trust and respect...

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Expert sales training and management development

We design and deliver bespoke learning solutions, specialising in management training, selling skills and communication skills.

We work with small businesses through to large corporates, from a variety of sectors, in Oxfordshire and across the UK.

To find out more about what we do and how we can add value to your business, please watch our video and browse our website.

Clients Include

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How does Cognitive Neuroscience impact on Coaching?

BLOG Cog N ScienceOk so it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but ‘Cognitive Neuroscience’ is one of the buzz phrases more frequently linked with coaching, because of the important role it is argued it can play.

What is it?

Cognitive neuroscience is the scientific study of neural mechanisms with a specific focus on the human brain.  It looks at how cognition, (how we acquire and understand knowledge), is affected and controlled by neural circuits in the brain.   

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